Customer Testimonials


Larry Laoretti
Owner. The Great Outdoors Golf Club

“The reason we chose The DRIVE® was the transaxle with internal disc brake technology. Not just any golf car can cut it on our 6,542 yard layout. In addition to the more typical challenges of central Florida terrain, our course winds through expansive wetlands and different wildlife habitats. The EnduraDrive™ transaxle with internal disc brake technology provides smooth braking no matter what. And less time on brake maintenance means there’s more time to spend on the course. Or maybe picking out a new box of cigars.”


Janet Dobson
General Manager. Kemper Lakes Golf Club

“We love The DRIVE because it has the best Occupant Space of Any Golf Car. At Kemper Lakes we do everything we can to make certain golfers are comfortable. That’s why we chose The DRIVE. Right from the start it’s easier to get in and out of. Inside, everything’s been redesigned for more comfort. It has the best leg space, the best foot space, additional headroom, a more comfortable seat and an improved steering wheel position. And considering it’s all in a beautifully redesigned outside, the decision is obvious.”


Dick Smith Jr.
Director of Golf. Woodcrest Country Club

“Their dependable and growing Dealer And Distributor network along with The DRIVE made Yamaha an easy choice for a lot of reasons. It’s engineered and built from the ground up to be the best performing and best looking ride for golfers. But the standout reason for us is the support and service we receive from our local Distributor. With the extensive number of Yamaha factory-authorized Dealers and Distributors, it’s reassuring to know there’s a dependable resource I can count on.”


Rock Lucas
Owner. Rivers Edge Golf Club

“The reason we chose Yamaha is their dependable Yamaha-built gasoline engine. The 357F engine in our fleet is the only one in the industry built by the same company that builds the car. That just makes a lot of sense to us. At 11.4 horsepower, it’s got the muscle to climb hills like nothing else. And even though it’s strong, The Drive runs quiet and smooth. Golfers may never see the engine but it’s one of the key things about this car that ensures they have the best experience possible. Our golfers love The DRIVE. And so do we.”


Frank Jemsek
Owner and President Cog Hill Golf Club & Pine Meadow Golf Club

"The most impressive thing about Yamaha golf cars is their durability… we have had a twenty-five year relationship with Yamaha and still have cars in operation from that very first day of our partnership."